Add horizontal or vertical spacing from theme


Use Space component to add horizontal or vertical spacing between elements:

First line
Second line
<Text>First line</Text>
<Space h="md" />
<Text>Second line</Text>
First part
Second part
<Text>First line</Text>
<Space w="md" />
<Text>Second line</Text>

Where to use

In most cases you would want to use margin props instead of Space when working with Mantine components:

<Text>First line</Text>
// <Space h="md" /> is not required as the same can be achieved with margin
<Text mt="md">Second line</Text>

But when you work with regular html elements you do not have access to theme.spacing and you may want to use Space component in order to skip direct theme subscription:

<div>First line</div>
<Space h="md" />
// Margin props are not available on div, use Space to add spacing from theme
<div>Second line</div>

h and w props

h and w are shortcuts for height and width, you can use values from theme.spacing (xs, sm, md, lg, xl) or number to set width or height in px:

// Height will be set from
<Space h="md" />
// Width will be set to 30px
<Space w={30} />


Import component props type:

import type { SpaceProps } from '@mantine/core';

SpaceProps extends React.ComponentPropsWithoutRef<'div'>, all other props are available under Component props tab.

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