Unstyled components

Using Mantine as a headless UI library

You can use Mantine as a headless UI library. To do that, simply do not import @mantine/*/styles.css in your application. Then you will be able to apply styles to Mantine components using Styles API with a styling solution of your choice.


HeadlessMantineProvider is an alternative to MantineProvider that should be used when you want to use Mantine as a headless UI library. It removes all features that are related to Mantine styles:

  • Mantine classes are not applied to components
  • Inline CSS variables are not added with style attribute
  • All color scheme related features are removed
  • Global styles are not generated

Limitations of HeadlessMantineProvider:

  • Color scheme switching will not work. If your application has a dark mode, you will need to implement it on your side.
  • Props that are related to styles in all components (color, radius, size, etc.) will have no effect.
  • Some components that rely on styles will become unusable (Grid, SimpleGrid, Container, etc.).
  • lightHidden/darkHidden, visibleFrom/hiddenFrom props will not work.
  • Style props will work only with explicit values, for example mt="xs" will not work, but mt={5} will.

To use HeadlessMantineProvider, follow getting started guide and replace MantineProvider with HeadlessMantineProvider. Note that you do not need to use ColorSchemeScript in your application, it will not have any effect, you can ignore this part of the guide.

import { HeadlessMantineProvider } from '@mantine/core';

function App() {
  return (
      {/* Your application */}

unstyled prop

Most of Mantine components support unstyled prop that removes library styles from the component and allows you to style it from scratch. Note that unstyled prop is not supported by compound components (Tabs.Tab, Menu.Dropdown, Accordion.Control, etc.) – it only works on root component (Tabs, Menu, Accordion, etc.).

Unstyled Tabs component:

Chat panel
import { Tabs } from '@mantine/core';

function Demo() {
  return (
    <Tabs defaultValue="chat" unstyled>
        <Tabs.Tab value="chat">Chat</Tabs.Tab>
        <Tabs.Tab value="gallery">Gallery</Tabs.Tab>
        <Tabs.Tab value="account">Account</Tabs.Tab>

      <Tabs.Panel value="chat">Chat panel</Tabs.Panel>
      <Tabs.Panel value="gallery">Gallery panel</Tabs.Panel>
      <Tabs.Panel value="account">Account panel</Tabs.Panel>

Choosing between unstyled prop and headless components

unstyled prop is useful when you want to remove library styles from a single component, but keep styles for other components. For example, if Tabs component does not meet your design system requirements, but all other components do, you can use unstyled prop to remove styles from Tabs and style it from scratch, while keeping all other components styled with Mantine styles.

Note that unstyled prop does not remove Mantine library styles from your .css bundle – it only does not apply them to component with unstyled prop.