About Mantine

Mantine is a React components library focused on providing great user and developer experience. Mantine development was started in January 2021 and the 1.0 version was released on May 3rd, 2021, and since then, more than 200 releases have been published.

Browser support

Mantine is tested on real devices in the following browsers before each minor and major release: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android. Testing in other browsers is not performed.

All Mantine components and hooks were tested to work in the following browsers:

  • Chromium browsers 108+ – Chrome, Edge, Chrome for Android, etc.
  • Firefox 101+
  • Safari 15.4+
  • IE (any version) is not supported

Browsers version that support :where selector and @layer directive features that are required for Mantine styles (any versions below may have major issues with styles):

  • Chromium browsers 99+ – Chrome, Edge, Chrome for Android, etc.
  • Firefox 97+
  • Safari 15.4+

Mantine components use the following CSS features:

All CSS features listed above are supported in all modern browsers (90% or more of global usage as of January 2024).

If you need to support older browsers, you should:

  • check the component Browser support section before usage and decide whether this component will work for your case
  • install corresponding polyfills that are required for hook/component to work in older browsers
  • check that component works in those browsers on your side (we do not test Mantine in browsers that are older than those that are listed above)

Releases cycle

All @mantine/* packages follow semver:

  • Patches (1.0.X) are usually released every one or two weeks
  • Minor versions (1.X.0) are usually released on the first Tuesday of each month or once every two months
  • Major versions (X.0.0) are released when breaking changes are required, usually a new major version is released once every 6 months/1 year

Previous versions documentation

Project maintenance

Mantine is built and maintained by Vitaly Rtishchev and more than 300 other contributors. Most of new features and components/hooks are added to the library based on feedback from the community – you can participate in new features discussions on GitHub or Discord.

Mantine logo

Download Mantine logos in .svg format:

Mantine logo
Download svg
Mantine logo
Download svg
Mantine logo
Download svg

You can also install @mantinex/mantine-logo package and import MantineLogo component. Note that the package depends on @mantine/core and @mantine/hooks packages.

yarn add @mantinex/mantine-logo
import { MantineLogo } from '@mantinex/mantine-logo';

function Demo() {
  return <MantineLogo color="blue" />;