Submit a template

You are welcome to create and share a template with the community. Templates that you submit are listed on the getting started page.

What is a template

Template is a GitHub repository that has the following properties:

  • It depends on @mantine/hooks and @mantine/core packages version 7.0.0 or higher
  • It has a "Use this template" button
  • It has MIT license

Official Mantine templates provide minimal setup for different use cases. Community templates, on the other hand, can provide more complex setups or implement specific features that are not available in official templates. For example, there are no official templates for Mantine + runtime CSS-in-JS libraries, but there are community templates available to get you started.

Template examples:

  • Next.js pages router + MDX + Mantine blog template
  • Next.js app router + Mantine + styled-components template
  • Vite + Mantine + Emotion template

How to submit a template

  • Make sure that features you want to implement are not available in official templates or other community templates
  • Create a repository on GitHub
  • Add your template code to the repository
  • Go to repository settings and enable the "Template repository" option
  • Make sure that your template has all the properties listed above
  • Submit your template by creating an issue on Github
  • After your template is reviewed, it will be added to the getting started page